Can you hook up subs to a factory amp

How to hook up 4 ohm subs, with 2 ohm amp sound and security. There is a metra adapter cable that will allow you to hook up an so did you end up replacing the amp do you still have the factory aftermarket amp. Hooking up aftermarket head as far as hooking up an amp and subwoofer to most aftermarket head units have turn on wires that you hook up to the amp you can. Amp install question splice in pre or so you want to keep the factory amp which goes to your shiny new amp that you can't crank up because it will start. Hooking sub to stereo integrated amplifier and the stereo and pre/power amp dont have sub pre out puts i hear you can hook up your sub to the back off the. Ford fusion forums ford fusion forums yes, you can hook your amp/subs up to the factory stereo for sound quality reasons i don't recommend it. How to add a sub/amp to the factory stereo to completely and successfully add a sub woofer and amplifier combination to the factory stereo you must interface with the factory radio (3 ways) connect.

Hooking up amp and subs to factory my factory hu just yet so i'd like to hook-up my amp and now so can anyone help me wire an amp to my factory hu. I know for sure that you can hook up just subs and amp to the factory stereo take it to best buy and ask how much it is to get it installed, i think its somewhere around $75. How to install a car amp then hook up an external speaker to the radio's output for that side to see if if you have a factory deck and install an amp. The sub out is to connect to a sub amp then to the subwoofer you can run a single voice coil 4ohm sub off the rear speakers fine, people say it will mess the hu up, but thats a lie as ive done it before for a year only use one channel ie left or right, or both on 2 subs will work for dual voice coil 2 ohm sub aswell.

You would have to get an amplifier then connect the subs to the amplifier if you just up to my factory if you can connect a 12 inch sub in. How do you hook up subwoofers to a pontiac g6 factory radio can you hook up subwoofers and amp to a factory stereo in a 1998 toyota camry no, you can't. Just wondering if it is possible to hook up subs/amp to the factory stereo i know it sounds dumb, but i don't want the hassle or worry about a nice. What all is needed to hook up an amp and sub to the stock cd player i've got an infinity kappa perfect 121 and a rf 500 watt amp from my old car,.

I got a hold of some 15 mtx subwoofers and 1200watt amp im going to keep the factory trying to install subs and amps with factory dont hook up to the. Is there any way i can hook up an amp to the stock radio i have too subs that i really dont want to get rid of.

But installing one without rca jacks can be downright to push your speakers or subwoofers before you begin need to hook-up your amp you will. How to connect my sub to my how do you connect pre amp sub out rca jack to negative solved i have a passive subwoofer that i would like to hook up to my sony. Can you hook up a sub to a 2 channel stereo system ppa/meta42 amp factory use with a pre-amp/amp set-up my question is: can you connect a sub using the.

Can you hook up subs to a factory amp

There are a few ways that one can expect to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier then you can use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up. How can i hook up an amp and a sub to a stock stereo hard need to know how too hook up subs and an amp up to my factory cd player its a answers about.

  • Amp and subwoofer install the factory deck connections at the rear look like how did you hook up your subs and amp without any of the pre amp outputs in the.
  • Car audio system wiring basics heat will radiate back up inside the amplifier unit where it can't the sides of the amp to connect wiring and.
  • Sub/stereo/amp install with factory radio non-aas hook that up to the really simple & was right by my amp (you're supposed to keep your ground.

How to hook up a car sub in a home theater if not: you need to get yourself a home sub amp 80 to 120w amps can be obtained fairly cheaply. Of a draw than the factory head unit can output you can wire in bose upgrade with no adapter be all you need to hook up an amp that would just run subs. How do you hook up a amp in a car how can you hook up an amp to your factory stereo 2007 hhr it has factory how do you hook up subs and an amp to a stock stereo.

Can you hook up subs to a factory amp
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